This web site is a gift dedicated to Rabbi doctor Daniel Stolper the patriarch of our family whose unique blend of sharp intelligence, endless curiosity, inquisitive mind, uncontainable creativity, youthful humor and deep sensitivity has added so much to our personal worlds as well as to the worlds of many,  many others.  We see this as a place for him to share his understanding and views on scholarly Torah topics, everyday questions and monumental issues as he weaves together his in depth approach to psychology  with his often daring and comprehensive understanding of Torah and Mitzvot.  His belief system and deep love of both God and mankind has always been an inspiration.  We invite you to join us in reaping the fruits of years of study and experience of a professional psychologist, educator, Rabbi, writer, philosopher and lecturer.

This website is a labor of love. The love he has put into every lecture and dvar Torah he prepares and delivers. From deep in his mind and heart, caring for those he knows well and those he has yet to meet. We have always known first hand this love and genuine caring and would like to share this with you.

You are invited to comment, critique and share your thoughts freely.

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    Well done, what else do you do?

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